Dutch Ace The Sprightly Twinkle



Klik HIER voor foto's van Colin van pup tot nu.





Shelteam Ace Of Diamonds Ch.Snabswood Schnapps
Ch.Mohnesee The Illusionist Ch.Mohnesee The Sorcerer 
Ch.Mohnesee Sweet Margarita
Snabswood Squiggle Exbury Fergus  
Snabswood Starr Belle 
Starbelle She's Spotless Ch.Milesend Dancing Major
Ch.Tegwel Wild Ways Of Sandwick
Milesend Dancing Along
Starbelle Sudden Shura Myriehewe Pirated Gold
Ch.Starbelle Tamara
Ch.Lady Madonna The Sprightly Twinkle Ch.Amor Micky from Lady Lucia Ch.Evad Sommer Shadow Sommerville Smithson
Evad Cream Peach
Ch.Evros Tiptop Tosca Ch.Mascot
Ch.Chiroskas Fable at Evros
One of Us The Tender Tempest Ch.Valerina Ross Versailles Ch.Arcot Just a Moment
Valerina Ross Special For You
Happy Roxanne the Tender Tempest Bell Flower Another Themba JW'99
Veruschka von den Garnicher Eichen