Nederlands Jeugd Kampioen,
Jeugdwinner 2019
Winner 2019

Sir Edmund the Sprightly Twinkle


Geboren op: 26-01-2019





HD-A nbw 40

Genetisch CEA vrij

CEA en Distichiasis vrij, PRA voorlopig,

MDR1: +/-


Ch. Fancy Design The Sprightly Twinkle Ch.Shelteam Ace Of Diamonds
Ch.Snabswood Schnapps Ch.Mohnesee The Illusionist
Snabswood Squiggle
Starbelle She's Spotless Ch. Milesend Dancing Major
Starbelle Sudden Shura
Ch.Lady Madonna The Sprightly Twinkle Ch.Amor Micky from Lady Lucia Ch. Evad Sommer Shadow
Ch. Evros Tip Top Tosca
One of Us The Tender Tempest Valerina Ross Versailles
Happy Roxanne The Tender Tempest
Ch. Amy from Lady Lucia Red Dawn the Real Scottish Passion Degallo The Real Deal Rannederdale The Time Warp
Degallo Look at Me
Ardlyn Passing Cloud over Degallo Mistmere Wind Storm
Degallo Shakala
Xafira from Lady Lucia Ch.Quashee High Class O'pinion Ch.Quashee Cheeky Joker
Quashee By Versailles
Zent from Heaven from Dangerous Dream Ch. Amor Micky from Lady Lucia
Interpane Carisma from Lady Lucia