Nederlands Jeugd Kampioen,
Jeugd Winner 2017

Fancy Fire The Sprightly Twinkle


Geboren op 24-11-2016





Ch. Memus Professor Higgins Ch. Lovesome Duke Of Dream-Land
Ch. Shelteam Dreamcatcher Ch.Sheldon Space Joker
Shelteam Dream Design
Ch. Turmaja's Lovesome Rose Ch. La-Min-So's Blue Silver Otto
Imajan's Quality Rose
Memus Mumsiga Madeleine
Ch. Starbelle's Tough Enough
Ch.Katiedale Ace Of Spades
Ch. Starbelle's Sign Of Silk
Gold Zita's Pocahontas Of Stripe Ch. Amethrickeh In Ash
Gold Zita's Black And White Stripe
Ch.Fancy Lady The Sprightly Twinkle Ch. Shelteam Ace Of Diamonds Ch.Snabswood Schnapps Ch.Mohnesee The Illusionist
Snabswood Squiggle
Starbelle She's Spotless Ch.Milesend Dancing Major
Starbelle Sudden Shura
Ch.Lady Madonna The Sprightly Twinkle Ch.Amor Micky from Lady Lucia Ch.Evad Sommer Shadow
Ch.Evros Tiptop Tosca
One of Us The Tender Tempest Ch.Valerina Ross Versailles
Happy Roxanne the Tender Tempest